Amos Lee at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville

Amos Lee at the Tennessee Theater, Knoxville

Amos Lee put on a first class performance at the Tennessee Theater in Knoxville last night.  During the second song the ALL the lights went out due to severe weather but the sound system was uneffected.  Lee and his band didn’t miss a beat, continuing the performance lit only by the crowd’s cell phones and security personnel’s flashlights.  The outage  lasted less than 2 minutes,  but added some excitement to the low key show.  Continue reading


Dierks Bentley- Jagermiester Country Tour, Knoxville, TN

Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley and his band got Knoxville’s weekend started early as they rolled into town with the Jagermeister Country Tour,  everyone had a great time.  You can judge  the level of a musician’s talent when seeing them live,  and there’s no denying Bentley’s talent.  The evening was full of highlights,  but my favorite was when he let the crowd in on what happens on the tour bus,  having fun with covers of  The Dukes of  Hazard theme song, Bon Jovi and even Billy Idol.  That journey led into a rendition of U2’s ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ that would have even made Bono proud. Continue reading


Cage The Elephant at The Valarium

During live shows I normally photograph each member of the band with an emphasis on the lead singer.  But Cage The Elephant front man Matt Schultz commands both the stage and your full attention.  I didn’t dare pull my camera off him for more than a few seconds for fear of what I might miss!  With an endless supply of raw, untamed energy, his feet seemed to be off the ground more than on it.  He left everything on the stage.

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